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Imported wood

decrease weight

hard Maple with black fiberglass

single tapered knob

metal limb pocket design

purchased separately

Fantastic Bow!

I really love my new bow! In this case, I'm an old dog (53), learning new tricks. Several months ago, I bought a PSE Nighthawk 25# recurve. After using it for about a month, my wife also became interested in archery, so I gave it to her. After doing some homework, the Samick Sage really caught my eye! Upon receiving the bow, I was really struck by its beauty and attention to detail. The grip on the riser feels SO natural. I initially tried setting it up to shoot off of the shelf, but decided to go with the included arrow rest instead. This thing is really quiet, and from what I can tell, very accurate. I use it for target practice in my backyard using the Yellow Jacket archery target. Great fun, relaxing, and a good reason to get outdoors. It has plenty of options for accessories (like the sight ring I just recently added) and should give many years of enjoyable service. Side Note; It does not come with a nocking point on the included bow string, so you will have to either buy the crimp on type and a crimping tool, or do as I did, and tie on your nocking points with appropriate material. It came well packaged and ready to set up. For the cost, this bow really lives up to its well established reputation.



Mi marido lo AMA. Potencia garantizada. Acabados increíbles y estéticos. La maestría que demuestran en el trabajo con madera es impresionante.

Ek Patlán

great product. Have since added 40lb arms

My first bow. great product. Have since added 40lb arms. just had to sand them a bit to fit.

Amazon Customer

Sweet deal

Decent looking bow. Good price can't wait to lose some arrows in the snow tomorrow


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